H2O for Humanity, L3C provides clean water systems, training and services to underserved villages in developing countries. These are areas where the well water is unhealthy especially for young children.  We use reverse osmosis technology to tailor the system to the local water quality.  The water is softened and harmful bacteria and excess fluoride is removed making healthy, tasty water. 

We create partnerships with Non-government Organizations (NGO) who know the local culture and needs. We establish operations within the target country to provide jobs and minimize capital requirements. The business is sustainable through a tiny 0.2 cent per liter charge to the water customers – affordable by the poorest.  These funds will be used to capitalize and maintain the installations. In Sept 2010 we launched to 13,000 customers in 5 villages with SKDRDP in Karnataka India. As of 2014 we have over 70 water systems serving more than 20,000 families throughout western India.