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When we enter an area, H2O for Humanity management personally meet with with the village leadership and get to know their needs. We demonstrate our AquaSafi™ brand technology using a portable system.  A bucket of contaminated water is filtered and before their eyes a pure water stream is created.  When they taste the clean filtered water, there is such excitement that they run to share it with their friends and family.  Some have never tasted pure water.  They ask, "When can we get this sweet water?" 

The NGO or village finances and builds an AquaSafi™ water store.  This will serve as a convenient location where villagers can collect their daily water.  H2O for Humanity provides the equipment, technical support and expertise for a small monthly charge and no up-front capital costs. 

Customers bring their 20 liter containers and fill them at the store.  Production water is tested for Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) three times daily to assure the AquaSafi™ system is working properly.  H2O for Humanity technicians replace the prefilters and wash the membranes regularly.  They also test the water for other key parameters.