Kevin Cluff, PhD  Managing Director – H2O for Humanity, L3C                                          

Engineering, Product Design, General Business, Project Management, Lean Six Sigma Specialist 

Eric Cluff  Founding Member                                                                                        

Quality & Systems Engineering; Adjunct Professor Southern Methodist University 

Mak Joshi  Advisor                                                                                                      

MBA University of Chicago, Marketing, Branding, Experienced Product Launch in India 

Paul Maddock  Advisor                                                                                               

Former C-Level Executive for Fortune 100 Company, Board Member of Social Enterprise

Brent Cluff, PhD  Advisor                                                                                            

Hydrologist, Founder & President of Clean Water Products.  Holds several  water-related patents. 

Professor Warner Woodworth  Advisor                                                                      

Professor in Social Business and Entrepreneurship, Marriott School of Business, Brigham Young University; Founder or Co-Founder of 21 NGOs, Serves on Board of Grameen Bank America